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Learn It Town

Learn It Town has developed the most effective way for the human brain to learn quickly and effectively.

The founders of Learn It Town are educational visionaries and have years of process development of this new Virtual methodology of learning. They are experienced teachers, professors, counselors that pioneered virtual education.

These founders have worked for over 7 years in research and development in the field of immersive learning, where they developed a system of on-boarding, training and managing 60,000 students from 121 countries.

Learn It Town has made system-wide transformations and four-part development of the educational system that resulted in significant increases in student performance. Under the founding educators’ leadership and their unique educational methodology, English levels rose from beginner to upper intermediate in less than four months. This was unheard of in the language learning industry. Learn It Town has now taken this technology with experienced teachers and staff and formed Learn It Town, LLC.

Learn It Town offers a virtual environment with real students from other countries and native teachers who are native speakers of English. This will allow students to immerse themselves in a virtual city or in a training activity. Each student has the opportunity to perform different task based learning activities as they would perform in real life. Students can also learn doing things they could never do in real life. For example, exploring the moon and Mars or taking a trip back in history.

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Our Speciality

Educational Technology, Instructional Design, E-Learning, Language Learning, Virtual Worlds, Learning Management System Design, Educational Gaming, Teaching, Curriculum Development, Community Development, Public Speaking, Understanding Global Culture and Diversity

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Our Team

Learn It Town consists of a team with broad expertise. We work to provide our students with the best language education possible. The board members have decades of teaching experience. All are pioneers in virtual education dating back to 2007 and before. Our teachers have certification in CELTA and/or TESOL. They are published authors, linguists and teachers at well known universities. All are native speakers from USA, UK, Spain, Mexico and South America.

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Mission and Values

Our mission is to use technology to deliver first class teaching in the most efficient way possible. This will allow you to realise your learning potential in the time that suits you best.

We believe in people, and we use technology to make advance learning for everyone, including you. Learn It Town was founded by teaching professionals who have created an innovative and superior learning system using modern teaching techniques.

Your courses at Learn It Town are flexible in terms of hours and types of classes taken. You’re in control.


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About LearnItTown

Learn It Town is a global online learning facility developing language courses for everyone’s needs in an interactive learning environment.
Is a revolutionary development in education. Learn live with qualified, experienced teachers. You will learn In a virtual environment, face to face and through a learning management system.

Learn It Town

Native speaker teachers

  • Study from home
  • Adapted to your needs
  • Interactive Technology
  • Revolutionary
  • More affordable than traveling
  • Flexible Schedule

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