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Learn It Town Police Station

Learn It Town Police Station
Learn It Town Police Station

The Learn It Town Police Station has the best police force in the virtual community. They are always solving the mysteries.

Learn It Town Police Station is equipped with the latest in crime solving. It has offices, meeting room and a state of the art jail.

Learn It Town Restaurant

Learn It Town Commercial Kitchen
Learn It Town Commercial Kitchen

The Learn It Town Restaurant has a beautiful commercial kitchen. In this Restaurant, students can eat, serve or work as the chef. We are always sharing the latest recipes.

Please submit your favorite food recipe on the blog and it may be on the menu at the Learn It Town Restaurant.

Learn It Town Students Write Christmas Lists

Christmas time is here. Learn It Town students live across the world from each other. So in this class, students wrote out their virtual Christmas list. They wrote what they would want to give their friends from around the world. They set their own budgets. Here are a few.

Tina (Netherlands)

Budget is 100 euros totally….   Actually everyone get e special book they have choosed

1. Book, price= 20.- euro, buy it in a bookshop or internet

2. Scarf of cashmire 40.- euro buy it in a shop for accessory.

3. Fashion dress shirt 40.- euro, buy it in a exclusive man shop.

Andreas (Germany)

for Rose:
big bunch of red roses to say thank you for being such a wonderful person
cost: 50 USD
imported from Thailand

for Laura, Tina, Rose and me:
I will cook for us all….eating and drinking international in a group of old friends :)
cost: 200 USD
international and handmade/self cooked

Lowri (United States)

Andreas – Running shoes – ASICS Men’s GEL – Kayno 20 Running Shoe – (Knee protector)  – Retails for $81.07   – Sale $50
Produced in Kobe, Japan by Onitsuka Co. Ltd

Rose – $50 gift certificate to  – so she can download sheet music

Tina Toshi – Tickets to the Rotterdam International Film Festival Jan 21 – Feb 1
Make sure she goes to the Workshop Make your own propaganda film
Closing night film in Grote Zaal in de Doelen, followed by a spectacularly closing party Total $50 with a Plus 1
Screenings are $2 a ticket



My story from Nova Kenyon’s improvisation class..

Leslie Laci Coy's story from Nova Kenyon's improvisation class
Leslie Laci Coy’s story from Nova Kenyon’s improvisation class

By Leslie Laci Coy (Slovakia)

This story happened when there was full moon on the Halloween night. A little girl, whose name was Jenny, after a long and tiring night of trick-or-treating with her friends went home, fell into her bed and started sleeping right away.

She slept very deeply, but on the dawn she suddenly woke up and saw two ugly hands of a monster under her cozy bed (1st picture).

The monster crawled out and looked at the girl. When it saw that the girl was nice and polite, it changed its form into a small friendly boy and said: “Jenny, sorry for scaring you, I mixed up the addresses, wanted to appear in other child’s room”.

The boy bade the girl goodbye and went out of Jenny’s house to find the right house where the naughty kid lives (2nd picture).