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Easy to use, free image editors

Read on if you aren’t a “Oh, I’ll just photoshop it” person but still need to do basic stuff to in-world photos / upload textures.

Paint.NET for Windows is considered one of the best. Get it here or from Very easy to crop, save bitmaps as jpgs, work in layers even

Google’s Picasa also quick and easy

Gimp – – is more of a freeware Photoshop alternative and takes more getting used to so doesn’t qualify as easy to use in the way the others are

Automatic permission setting

I don’t know if it’s possible but I was thinking that a time saving device would be some kind of script that could automatically check the perms of objects, notecards, things in folders etc. In my mind’s eye I see a box that we rez with a ‘magic’ script inside it. We put the things that we want to check permissions of in the box and select something from a menu such as ‘make all transferable and copyable’ and ‘voila’.

classroom storage is up and running … almost


This week I’ve been almost completely focussed on classroom storage and half of the objects are in already. As I said, only half :-). I might need a few more things from you. However, material for next week is in there already.

You just have to type in the unique number and out it will pop above the storage box.

Remember that you have to use channel 10 (/10) in chat.

Please start giving me your educational tools and games. Under the tree you’ll see a new green box, in which I’m going to store interesting and useful objects. When you send them to me, please put instructions for their use in ‘contents.’

I’m away on holiday next week and … probably … won’t go to Second Life. Please send me e-mails rather than IMs but do drop your material in my inventory.


Uploading files to the website

I tried to upload a file containing homework for my students to the website. I got the following error message twice. I’ve tagged this post ‘technical’ so Shiv will see it. Is that the tag we are supposed to use?

500 – Server Error

Sorry, an error prevented the server from completing your request. Try refreshing this page. If this error message persists, please contact