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Observation Schedule


I’m sure you’ve already noticed that there is a new page on your wiki called Observation Schedule. This schedule is updated every Friday by SL 6am. I’m confident that we can learn more from each other through regular observations.

I stumbled across this little summary of classroom observation tips:

I’m hoping, to start with, that you observe at least once a month and observe another teacher managing a lesson you wrote (which helps with rewrites).

See you inworld.


Conference Presentations

Hi all

As conference season warms up, various people are asking about whether they can include Llab in a presentation about learning languages /educational potential of virtual worlds etc. The answer of course is …. YES, please.

Time permitting, we will also do anything we can to help out in any way we can
- media you may want to produce such as filming classes or events
- media we may already have
- previous / stump presentations you can draw on

Coming up there are two to look out for:

  • second part of our RL vs SL look at language learning – probably early April. Watch this space
  • Edunations SLanguages 2008. Call for papers below

Call for Papers – SLanguages 2008

Following on from last year’s inaugural SLanguages conference, we are pleased to announce a call for papers for this year’s bigger and better event, to be held 23rd May 10:00 PST to 24th May 10:00 PST on EduNation II and III.

The conference aims to bring together practitioners and researchers in the field of language education in Second Life for a 24-hour festival celebrating languages and cultures in Second Life, and will include a variety of social events as well as an exciting mix of plenary and simultaneous sessions throughout.

We would like to invite speakers to submit proposals for seminars, workshops, discussions, demonstrations and poster displays on all aspects of language learning and teaching in Second Life. Sessions should be a maximum of one hour, and you should be prepared to do your session twice over the 24-hour period in order to maximise audience participation globally.

Presentations (in any language) should be voice and text (ask us for tools to facilitate this) and, where possible, include handouts and summaries for the seminar archive, which will be made available shortly after the live event itself.

Space will also be made available for exhibitions, poster displays and demonstrations of teaching tools, gadgets and games.

If you would like to participate, please contact Dudeney Ge in world (please use a notecard as IMs are often capped), or write to me off list at


Gavin Dudeney – Project Director, The Consultants-E
c/ Ceramica 54, 08035 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 427 4240 +44 20 7193 0770