My friend Vitaly’s adventures

It happened to my friend Vitaly in 1982. We were in the second grade at that time. Once he was coming back home from school. It was the lunch time, so there were not many people outside.

Suddenly Vitaly felt that somebody was following and watching him. He carefully turned back and noticed a man. After a while, almost near his building, my friend turned back again and noticed the same man going right after him.

Frightened, Vitaly started to run towards his porch. The man rushed after him. Happily, the rascal tripped on the porch because he hadn’t noticed a small step.

Vitaly literally flew on his fifth floor, where their apartment was, but the man was about two or three floors down. My friend took away his key, opened the door very quickly and closed the door right before the rascal’s nose.

My friend’s heart was pounding at breakneck speed. He clung to the door with his back and was leaning at it till somebody knocked. Vitaly turned and started watching outside through the peephole. No doubt, it was that man. He was looking worried but confidently said, ‘Open the door’, and jerked the doorknob.

‘What to do?!?!’, anxiously thought my friend. At that time ordinary people didn’t have telephones and mobile phones hadn’t been invented yet. In a second a decision came to his mind. He ran to the kitchen, grabbed a fork, tied it to a thread and started to lower the fork down using it as a plummet. At the forth floor level he started to swing the fork, so it scratched and hit the window glass. A woman living in that apartment heard the noise and opened her window. She was beginning to rant but stopped having seen my friend’s face.

‘What happened?’, she asked. Vitaly told her about the man at his door. The woman seemed not believing him!!! But Vitaly pleaded with her to help him almost crying. The woman reluctantly promised to watch what was happening in the hall. After 5 minutes she knocked at Vitaly’s door, he saw her through the peephole and opened the door. She said she hadn’t seen anybody in the hall and was still angry at my friend. But Vitaly pointed at some wooden debris on the floor and the woman realized she was wrong. Being the cleaner of the stairway she couldn’t permit such a mess. Moreover, she had cleaned it some hours ago!

Feeling safely Vitaly went to his bedroom, changed his clothes and started watching TV. It was almost the end of a program named ‘In the animal’s world – one of a few interesting programs on Soviet television those days. The anchorman and the narrator was the same interesting guy. He always told fascinating stories about different critters on the Earth.

When Vitaly was telling me his story, I recalled that day and remembered that I had also been watching that program that day and been totally unaware that at the same time something strange had been happening to my closest friend…