Internet makes people hard to forget their loves in history.

It seems females are not so easy to omit their loves in the past that they usually update their boyfriends through Google or public connection on Yahoo360, Facebook…

The company, Yasni in England surveyed 1700 people and found that 57% of them was curious and 21% evied.

62% of the females stated that they were still having liaison with their old boyfriends while only 46% of the males were taking care of their old partners’ life at present.

“Curiosity is a natural personality. It makes people desire to know all information about the person whom they don’t like or their private relationship they used to have in the past.” Professor Steffen Ruehl , Yasni company explained.

The result of this survey has got in sympathy with people who use internet. They also affirm this rate must be higher.” I often type my old girlfriend’s name or her nickname on the internet and sometimes wish her life now is worster than mine. Moreover, I am able to get information about the girl whom I am going to hang out with through Google.”, the member Rane of InventorSpot web said.