If you could change one important thing about your country, what would you change?

If I could change on important thing about my country,sounds interesting,actually,i always think about those kinds of questons because there are a lot of things need to change in my country.I’m from China,frankly,I want people in China have freedom of speech,why i have this idea,there some seasons below.

Firstly,freedom of speech is foundation of democracy.One of my dreams is a democratic China,The value of  democracy is people can say what they want to day without fear,and the goverment should listen the people’s voice,not crack theirs.people can put those different opinons to the media,like Taiwan,people have freedom of media in 1987,finally,Taiwan became a democratic country now.

Secondly,I think freedom of speech can make the things easy,if you wouldn’t let people say,maybe you get wrong about your decision,just like a company,If the boss often comunicate with their employees,sometime they will get good idea.The country also like this,The governor should have this kind of  open mind and make the country better.

So that what i think,I hope one day China will become a democratic country and take a important role in the world.People respect China,not because it’s “great”,because it’s a “great democracy”.

  • Rookie Obama

If you could change one important thing about your country what would you change?

I am Friendly Rexie from Vietnam. I am really glad when catching your topic “If you could change one important thing about your country what would you change?”. 

This interesting topic reminds me when I still was a pupil till a student. Education programme is really hard to me. A large knowledge I have to cram into my mind, but I don’t know how to memorise all of them in the right way. In other words, noone shows me method to remember information and knowledge. Almost of students have problems like me, learning by rote as a way to choose because too many things we have to study to complete grades in limited time.

If I could change one important thing about my country, the first thing I think is improve education system. In Vietnam, a large amount of knowledge in books we have to learn for exams and grades but there is still much information not suitable or redundant for every grade. For example, I was a student in marketing but I had to take chemistry and physics exams both in hard level at the beginning. I passed the exam and seldom saw them mentioned in studing programmes. When I graduated up to now, knowledge is just around maths, English and commercial paper work. Chemistry and physics almost disappear in office work.

Education system is very important to every country because it effects on young people those who will contribute to nation’s development and strength. 

To sum up, a country has good education as a key to integrate successfully into world economy and stimulate homeland’s economy development.

  • Friendly Rexie