Go Fish by Gwen Carillon

The English City Art Gallery’s most recent exhibit is Go Fish by Second Life artist and sculpture Gwen Carillon. Carillon is known for her beautiful fantasy sculptures. She states, “My sculpture refects my real life. I do not differentiate between Real Life and Second Life. It’s all Life. Somewhere in this waking dream, I will find….my inventory!”
More information about Carillon’s work and designs can be found on her blog http://gwencarillondesigns.blogspot.com/.

Millie’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Originally uploaded by Lowri Mills

A large turkey was stuffed and put on the table by English City’s own Millie Eames.  Faculty, students and English City residents enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all of the trimmings. The conversation around the dinner table was of family and friends. The Manor was decorated beautifully for the holidays. The atmosphere was warm and inviting. A good time was had by all.

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Float

Originally uploaded by Lowri Mills

Thanksgiving Day was full of surprises in English City. The students made and enjoyed the Thanksgiving Parade and a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner prepared by Millie Eames. Everyone had many things to be thankful for and shared there thoughts and their thanks with the other people of the community. This float was made and entered by Pebbles Kronfeld. It was a little scary to see such a giant turkey coming down the street.