Student common room

Hi, can you help me spreading the news? I will bug each of you personally :o)) and come at the end of your classes to do the same with all your students, but if you help me, I will be always grateful.

Languagelab students have their Common Room!

A mysterious donor gave Languagelab students an old building, to host their common room, with a condition: there has to be a special corner for students to make their homework and meet their teachers.

Now we need to organise ourselves to decide what are the other functions we want to give to this students private space, how to decorate it, etc.

Please contribute with your ideas!

Write them on a notecard and drop them in the letter box in front of the new student’s common room. (where you can have a look to the building as well).

If you prefer, you can send an IM or an e-mail to Anna Begonia (anna [at]

all proposals and ideas will be collected here

Next week there will be two meetings (in two different time zones to allow everybody to participate), to discuss and take decisions. (time and place will be announced by Sunday)

If you have any question or doubt, please contact Anna Begonia (in world or by mail)