Easy to use, free image editors

Read on if you aren’t a “Oh, I’ll just photoshop it” person but still need to do basic stuff to in-world photos / upload textures.

Paint.NET for Windows is considered one of the best. Get it here http://www.getpaint.net/ or from download.com. Very easy to crop, save bitmaps as jpgs, work in layers even

Google’s Picasa http://picasa.google.com/download/ also quick and easy

Gimp – www.gimp.org – is more of a freeware Photoshop alternative and takes more getting used to so doesn’t qualify as easy to use in the way the others are

Most common mistakes in English – your suggestions please

We are putting together some machinima’s based around the most common errors learners do in English, possibly with humorous side effects. Can you append suggestions to the list below?


1. Pronunciation
- long vs short vowels: life’s a beach / fake Italian waiter joke “she tell me she wanna fork onna table” etc
- ‘h’ not pronounced house, husband, harmony
- misplaced word stress: My friend is an ‘important person (vs. im’portant)
- intonation too flat (can make some nationalities esp Spaniards & Germans sound rude)

2. Vocabulary
- make vs do
- interested vs interesting, bored vs boring
- quite a few here http://esl.about.com/od/grammarintermediate/a/cm_conf.htm
- there are a few here but they seem more like native speaker mistakes

Your faves below please