It was a G’day for Australian Culture

A glimpse into Australian culture from Aussie Rules football to Dingos was brought to a large group of students by Language Lab by Xilin Yifu on June 27, 2008. Students were given examples of Australian language that is different from other native English language such as British or American.
Information on Australian animals and their habitat was brought in on the platypus, emus, kangaroos, koalas, and a variety of other animals was met with great interest from the student. Student asked many questions and were very interactive in the discussion.
It was extremely informative with a variety of information. The island continent’s government was discusses as well as the fact that Aussie men don’t kill spiders.
The event was attended by students from Finland, UK, China, France, UAE, USA and a variety of other countries. Students asked many questions of Xilin Yifu and all attendees were actively involved in conversation.

Fishing Anyone?

In the early morning hours of English City, a group of dedicated fisherpeople met and caught many fish. Some caught flounder, some clownfish and a few tires were pulled out of the ocean outside, Millie’s Cafe. Although Donatella Benoir refused to bait her hook, she pulled in a variety of fish waiting on the grill. Although she was heard saying that she was putting them in an aquarium and not eating them.
Ling Markstein pulled in a variety of fish, but spent a lot of the time on the boat, sunbathing. Navine Bosatsu and Lane Jarman, enjoyed the seagulls and the nice waves.

City News Today

Today in English City there has been a new addition. Navine Bosatsu’s dog named Bob was very busy during Navine’s trip to Spain. Apparently he was being watched by the City’s kennel. But possibly slipped out to see Donatella Benoir, who is known for having Bob regularly outside Periwinkles. It may be because she slips him Millie’s take out.
Upon an outing with Donatella and Millie Eames, they came across some puppies, who look very similar to Navine’s Bob.
Donatella took one of the liter and named him Bob, Jr. Bob Jr, is located at the photo on the right, upon Donatella’s shoulder. English0 City welcomes it’s newest edition, and Bob Jr can be seen around English City.

Navine continued to ski dive with students this afternoon. Even English Cities own actress Pebbles Kronfield felt a little adventurous and joined into the fun. The photos at the left show the students and Pebbles having a great time skydiving in the afternoon. In fact the wind was so wild, that Navine, who is living her life to the fullest, even landed her parachute in front of Millie’s cafe!!! Look up, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it was Navine!!! Students at the cafe, were thrilled to see her. But students need to stop by and see Lane Jarman for instructions on camera use, because no one got a picture.

Publish Post

Skydiving with Navine

Students from SL had a great time with Navine Bosatsu in the Park, this morning in English City. As Navine says, “it was delicious fun!!!!” Students came from all over SL to enjoy a drop from 4,000m.
Free parachutes were given out by Donatella Benoir, courtesy of Periwinkles. Donatella also gave them a smoke attachment, that was an added bit of fun.
Navine and Donatella had students going high and higher each time, as the students wanted to go again and again.
There will be another skydiving lesson later on this morning at 10am. Young and old can enjoy the feeling of the SL wind beneath their avatar, with this sport of SL.

Rez box instructions (still need work around)

Hi all,

The Rez box is still ‘playing up’

Until further notice these are the instructions for retrieving materials.

* Go to the wiki
* Find out what the unique number is, through the index
* Find out how many lessons there are (if it is a journey)
* Go inworld, to
* Type /10 then space into chat.
* Type in the unique number (for example 33)
* It will look like this /10 33
* Press enter
* Right-click on the box that rezzes on top
* Select-take from the pie menu
* Find the box in your inventory and rez it again
* Left-click on the newly rezzed box
* Copy the contents to your inventory (Ignore the message about some objects not being copyable)
* Delete the box before you retrieve the next box

This week I will most likely pass the items on to you ‘by hand’ as Iffaf has not yet had time to pass on all the information I need to know about storing the materials. Please IM me or email me if you need a hand or can’t access the materials for your class.

Notes from June 18 teacher meeting on ‘non-conventional’ courses

In no particular priority …

1. Situations students may get into in the real world but impossible to do in a RL classroom

- going to a wedding,
- getting into a fight
- going to prison
- speed dating

2. Extended Role play
- build & design a real place (restaurant / house etc) so 10 lessons to decide how a house should be kitted out
- A group of learners starts a business and runs it over an extended period
- ongoing role playing game: llab has a number of assignable, improv roles (which come with a uniform, some privileges — such as a witch, a …?). These are granted on the basis of regular attendance or other points system to be decided). Teacher may have unspecified role here in Teacher is the person who keeps the thread of the story
- the apprentice

3. Role playing within a class structure

Several people interested in checking out role playing sims to see what can be learnt there. Chris mentioned Tombstone sim where miscreants are ‘chained’ to the sheriff

4. Design your own body / look

5. Machinima

Main emphasis underlying most of these is to use a task to motivate involvement from a group. They are mainly self directed and the teacher exploits the processes arising in fulfilling the task for language input / feedback

6. Self access ideas
Treasure or scavenger hunts in LLab. Involving a mix of interacting with City People and the environment. Students given a series of clues are sequential and interdependent so i.e. you can’t proceed without having solved the previous clue.

Environmental clues could start with a text instruction to e.g. visit Millie to get the answer to a question. This information would point them towards another location where they would need to search for a hidden message somewhere (could be small text e.g. on the underside of a table) which would tell them the needed to wander around a small section of the park. There is a short audio clue attached to one of the bushes which is triggered by walking close enough to it. Etc

Various people mentioned HUDS which have been developed to support this

Doug suggested a variant based on “The Amazing Race”

Anna: open up the sim for an event

Doug: scavenger hunt which gave a sense of classes, events

An intro automated tour: if self access could be like the train like Svarga?