Lip Sync is here

I’m using the newest release candidate of the SL browser and lip sync seems to be working pretty well – it certainly makes my AV seem a bit less wooden. Unfortunately you can only see lip sync if you have a browser which has it enabled – so onRez users won’t notice any difference.

[Yes, I know I should be using the onRez viewer but I’m still rather unimpressed with it; I mean it won’t even open streaming media in a browser window …. ]

It would be nice to see what a staff meeting with lip sync looks like.


Teaching ‘special responsiblity areas’

Hi all

as per last weeks meeting, volunteers are, eh, sought to look into areas of materials development / classroom practice which don’t get much of an outing in the current format of classes. At the moment we are pretty comfortable with functional / situational classes and speaking skills classes. However, we need to develop expertise in areas like

- Audio / listening
- Reading
- Grammar
- Pronunciation
- role play
- writing
- video

Taking this on will involve
- doing a comparison between good RL practice in these areas and what is possible in SL
- talking to everyone in advance to gather ideas for how this area can be done in SL
- developing some demo material which demonstrates what is possible and not
- using this material as the basis of a ‘workshop’ in both staff meetings one week
- writing up a mini document which is posted to the wiki

This will involve approx 1 or 2 days work per month – to be agreed -over the next couple of months to develop a range of good standard techniques

Sally is working on video and will be presenting this next week June 4.

Can you express an interest as a reply to this? – thanks


Automatic permission setting

I don’t know if it’s possible but I was thinking that a time saving device would be some kind of script that could automatically check the perms of objects, notecards, things in folders etc. In my mind’s eye I see a box that we rez with a ‘magic’ script inside it. We put the things that we want to check permissions of in the box and select something from a menu such as ‘make all transferable and copyable’ and ‘voila’.

Slanguages 2008 – learning points

Hi everyone,

can you post your thoughts about what we can learn from other work going on out there or anything else arising from Slanguages 2008?

Thanks and congrats again to presenters Daf, Sally, Iffaf and even me (struggling with my slides). Next time and for future conferences, we’ll try to get the full range of our work covered (events and City People missing this time around)


Classroom Storage Part 2


This is a separate post to distract you from the previous one.
Because I am the owner of all the boxes, even after checking all the perms of everything, I spotted perm problems when Yorkie and Paul Sweeney tried to retrieve boxes. So, I’m going to empty the whole box and, tonight, reload it.

I also noticed that, when there are two boxes with the unique number (because each part of a lesson is packed into a separate box) it doesn’t automatically bring a different box each time I type in the number. So … I have renamed all the boxes. Thus, if the unique number is 26 and you want the first lesson of the journey, type 26.1, if you want lesson two type 26.2.

Remember, after you rez a box and copy it’s contents to your inventory, delete the box.

You’ll receive these instructions in a PDF today, in your inbox.

Well, it looks like I’m going to be spending another 48 hours on this but in the long run it’s worth it.

I’m checking all the objects and may ask you to remake certain objects.


classroom storage is up and running … almost


This week I’ve been almost completely focussed on classroom storage and half of the objects are in already. As I said, only half :-). I might need a few more things from you. However, material for next week is in there already.

You just have to type in the unique number and out it will pop above the storage box.

Remember that you have to use channel 10 (/10) in chat.

Please start giving me your educational tools and games. Under the tree you’ll see a new green box, in which I’m going to store interesting and useful objects. When you send them to me, please put instructions for their use in ‘contents.’

I’m away on holiday next week and … probably … won’t go to Second Life. Please send me e-mails rather than IMs but do drop your material in my inventory.