‘Teacher’ Avatars – Guidelines and Information


We’re making the new ‘teacher’ avatars this week. We’d be grateful if you could look at the following guidelines for use of the new avatar:

  • ‘Teacher’ avatars are unique to Languagelab and will be created once a trial period has been completed successfully.
  • ‘Teacher’ avatars are initially the property of Languagelab and the ownership will pass to the user after working with us for 3 months.
  • Because of the distinctive name there are a series of guidelines to be followed while using ‘Teacher’ avatars

1. An effective style of presentation: pay attention to your dress, remembering that if it is too distracting or too disturbing to people from a wide variety of backgrounds then your effectiveness as a teacher may be compromised – however great you might look.

2. Swearing, inappropriate or offensive gestures should not be employed.

3. Elements of real life transfer into Second Life, so please be mindful of learners’ needs for personal space. Please also be mindful of the fact that learners come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

4. Because IMs and private chats can be logged and recorded, for your own protection and others, please be aware of the appropriacy of private communication to students in order for them not to be misconstrued.

5. Teacher avatars cannot be professionally associated or linked in any way with activities which are incompatible with Languagelab: these include any type of discriminatory, sexual or abusive context

Update on your logons to the system

Almost no-one has a working log-on .. yet. Some people are recognised by the system and can have classes allocated to them but this is mostly cosmetic until you can get in and manage the class internally of course.

Also, as I said in the previous post I have put people’s names against classes on a temporary basis due to restrictions on what the system lets me do. It doesn’t change the classes you are really teaching!

We’ve tried two fixes to date but they haven’t worked. Hoping now to get this resolved by Wed

Labelling Conventions for New Material


I’ve standardised the labelling conventions for class material. Before you create any new material please do ask me about that. I’ll clarify it in the next teachers’ meeting and then put it up on the blog.

When you are commissioned to do any new material, you’ll be given the unique number.

Best wishes

Changes to Teachers’ Meetings


We are changing and extending all-teachers’ meetings from the 30th of April, in order to ensure that the maximum number of people attend. From a developmental point of view, I’m sure we’d all agree that coming together, giving each other feedback and learning from each other is an important pedagogical resource. We also need to give each other feedback about lessons that we’ve trialed. On an aside, Pete has asked for feedback about the lessons he’s written in an e-mail. If you don’t mind doing that, I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

Therefore, the staff meetings are now on Wednesday mornings or evenings (in SL time). They will be from SL 2.30 am to SL 4 am (hopefully Pete, Paul Swindells, Sally and Juan Guillermo can attend that one) and then again on Wednesday evenings from SL 11.30 am to SL 1pm (for Chris and Doug). If you aren’t already being paid for attending meetings you will now be paid.

These meetings are now scheduled as 1.5 hours long and will consist of admin, a developmental swap shop and technical support.

Remember, this new schedule starts from the 30th of April.

Best wishes

Website update and things to do – Tuesday 22 April

Hi all,

here is the latest. The website is now up and running. You should be able to see from the test logon (teacher1: test) the classes which are in there
- Tuesday / thursday classes are in until mid May with the rest going in today
- Monday / Saturday classes will also go in today

Remember these classes are always mirrored on the wiki class schedule which gives you slurls and links to the lesson plan as well as (v soon) the unique no for in-world material reference.

Many teacher logons are still broken but will be fixed today (Tuesday) so you can log on and get to your class pages.

A couple of things when you are looking at the website:
- given the issue with teacher logons not working when I created the classes, as a workaround I put people’s names against classes. So as it stands a few people appear to be teaching a lot of classes and no classes are assigned to Sally, Pete, Chris and Iffaf. This will be fixed soon. It doesn’t mean anything has changed in connection to which classes you should be teaching.
- the classes and schedules until mid May are real. Anticipating a growth in numbers from then onwards, we will schedule other class types and assign names to those within previously agreed availablity – to see what students go for. So it’s important to keep the google calendar up to date with your availablity. NB please please put in leave etc

Finally, remember your students can all log in and book from yesterday. As of next week there will be no more reminders about their classes via e-mail and all communications will be via the website so …
- REMIND them to book
- when your logon is there – log in and check how attendances are for your classes and leave a message on the class blog
- we’ll see how systems are working in the teacher meetings next week

All for now

Existing students are

Agenda for Wednesday’s meeting

On Wednesday there will be (hopefully :-)) almost little or no admin. Sally has very kindly agreed to attend (it’s shockingly early for her) because we’re going to brainstorm our technical priorities (within reason, i.e. if it hasn’t been invented yet it would be a little difficult for us to do).

I’ll note down all your requests, edit the list and then put it on a ‘to-do’ list for creation.

I hope to see as many of you as can make it on Wednesday, except Pete who’s on a remote island in Greece.

"Perfect whiteboard"

Starting a new post as the last post_on_this may have dried up a little.

My specs are:

Can be used collaboratively
Is possible to edit
Can display pictures as well as text

As per usual I don’t know about the technical side of things. I’m told that the problem with using a chat channel is that you can’t delete individual lines. It may be overly complex…but would it be possible to design a board that had a few different sections?
For example, a section that has ten (or more or less) different lines, each with a different channel in chat and another section where textures could be displayed.

At our last meeting Iffaf and I discussed the need for a teachers and techies workshop to nut out some of the criteria for designing and modifying tools that are more suited to our teaching needs. I think that ‘now’ sounds like the right time to get moving on this.