Payment for work. What’s reasonable?

Hi all,

As some of you are aware, Paul brought up the subject of pay at last week’s teacher’s meeting. He was specifically referring to what is reasonable in the context of content development for journeys and encounters but as he asked for our opinions and I’m pretty sure that everyone would like to be in on any discussions involving reward for our efforts I thought I’d just quickly post this on the blog so that it can be an open discussion.

I don’t want to open up a can of worms here. I’d just like to start a pragmatic discussion about what the lab can expect from us and vice versa. Hopefully we will be able to piece together some fairly reasonable job descriptions for everyone involved.

The specific question was ‘how long does it take to write a lesson?’My answer was ‘how long is a piece of string?’

At the moment I am being paid for 1.5 days a week and probably end up doing 3 days a week. The work I do is of course varied but generally includes teaching 4 classes, having approximately two to three hours of meetings per week, developing and writing lesson plans, creating new materials, problem solving, developing my second life skills and some admin time replying to emails, checking blogs and wikis, contacting students etc.

Any suggestions about how we should approach this? How long does it take to write a lesson? Create an event? What do you spend the most time doing in Language Lab? What are some of the less obvious tasks that you do which contribute to your work load?

Answers in the comments please.

events: week starting on the 30 of march (sunday) + job offer

Hi everybody. As usual, I will really appreciate if you can let you student know about Languagelab Events.
As well, we are looking for a teacher who could come and take some notes and then ealborate a follow up material to be distributed to the students, and since I think that this blog is read as well by teachers attending Iffaf TT, well… If anyone would like to start working in Second life… please get in touch with me. No special SL skills are required.

But about the events:
Sunday at 5:30 am SLT we will have an interview with the scriptwriter of the British commedy “Calendar girls“. And I think this is something that can be of interest not only of students.
Wednesday at 4:00 am SLT we will have a Sharing Culture meeting about Easter. Everybody who wants to come and share its Easter traditions and celebrations (may be with photos) will be more than welcome.
Thursday, at 4:00 am slt there will be the quiz, in the welcome area, so everyone will be welcome.
and later at 12:00 pm (midday) SLT we will repeat the Sharing culture meeting about Easter.
Saturday at 6:30 am SLT, the quiz will be in the Hotel, and it will only be for Languagelab Students.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.

Automatic Return of Items


As was mentioned a couple of meetings ago, the sims are now set so that neither students nor teachers can leave objects lying about. This is because the number of class slots are going to increase and the number of events is increasing every day. Someone else might need the space.

At the moment, it is set at automatic return after 4 hours. In the short term, until everyone learns how to place their items where they need to be placed, link them all together and take that item in their inventory (so that it can be rezzed and be in exactly the same place you want it to be), it will be extended to 24 hours. I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t leave after class. Please ask me, when I’m inworld, how to link objects and look at this tutorial:

Best wishes

Help needed for event: sharing cultures: easter,

Hi everybody, It’s me again. On the week starting with monday the 31st of March I will host an event on Easter. The format is new and is designed to encourage student participation.
It’s very simple: I will bring some photos and explain some traditions in Italy and Spain for Easter, and then ask people to talk about their traditions in their countries. They can bring photos as well if they want.
Could you please let your students know? And if some english speaking person (helper/mentor/teacher) wants to come and participate, is more than welcome!
thank you

Events: week starting on the 24th March

Hi, Here is this week program. I think that knowing what everybody is doing can only be usefull (may be it gives you ideas for classes, or you can encourage your students to attend some events, etc).
All times are in GMT

monday 8:00 pm Storytelling
Thursday 12.00 pm (midday): quiz (in the welcome area, and it’s open as well to non-languagelab people, so they can bring their friends)
Thursday 8:00 pm Meet and mix party (social game + dancing)
Friday 1:00 pm Storytelling
Saturday 2.30 pm Quiz (in the Hotel, only for Languagelab students/people)

Thank you very much

about sharing materials: how to boards

Hi, I have some “how to” boards. It means, boards explaining how to make 1) friend conference; 2) sound check 3) send friendship. All of them are in SL and Onrez version. If you think that they can help you with newbies (and not so much newbies) let me know, I will be glad to share them.
And if you see how to improve them (graphic, explanantion, language… the extetic part, I’m sorry, they are ugly) please tell me!

I as well have a “tangram” in my inventory. Can be a good idea for colour/preposition/etc language (or just for you, if you want to play :o)) Contact me if you want a copy.