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Students Testimonials


In Learn It Town there is no room for excuses–flexible hours, study from home without thinking about what to wear or who can I leave my child with. It is a way to learn and, ironically, we can disconnect from our troubles in the real world by connecting with everyone in the virtual world!


Yolanda González (Mexico)

My name is Miriam , I live in a Country called Brazil and I’m currently living in Sao Paulo State.  My academic background is in IT , but I’m not working on this area at the moment , I love dogs and as a side job I breed this animals, in particular the Lhasa Apso Breed

I love Learn It Town,. I’ve been having English Classes in Learn It Town for a little more than 2 years and I can say that I learned a lot on this period especially on the Speaking aspect.

Miriam Saito (Brazil)

I tried to study English on my own at an academy in my town. Then I went to London. Finally, I discovered Learn It Town. I was very surprised at how fast I went from one level to the next, learning English while having lots of fun without effort. It is like learning without realizing you are studying.

Ana Garcia (Spain)

My decision to enroll in LIT Learn It Town was based upon a wide variety of reasons. My first encounter with learning in a virtual world was around three years ago. At that time, I was afraid to speak English, and now I feel confident giving speeches on almost any topic.

I soon realized that learning in a virtual environment provides valuable experiences, such as learning in a foreign country with the benefit of not having to spend a huge fortune on travel expenses and being able to enjoy classes conveniently from my home whenever I want to study.

I found learning with LIT Learn It Town very useful and would definitely recommend it to those who want to improve or polish their English skills. I just want to say once again thank you so much for the great experience in all classes conducted by fantastic teachers who have also become close friends of mine.

This has been one of the most profound experiences in my life, and I am so grateful for to be a part of this global community.

Andreas Franz (Bangkok)